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Our field-based lubrication engineers offer expert advice on sound lubrication practices, proper lubricant selection, equipment troubleshooting and other lubrication services that can help equipment run longer and more efficiently. Learn more about our Engineering Services here, or through your distributor.

There are several guiding principles to consider when creating a lubrication management program. You can find a detailed summary here.

Our used oil analysis program, Mobil Serv Lubricant Analysis, can track gradual changes in lubricant properties, contaminants and machinery component wear debris so that corrective action can be initiated in a controlled, planned and timely manner. You can read more about our used oil analysis program here.
You can learn more about interpreting oil analysis results here, or by contacting your distributor or our Technical Help Desk.
You can find contact information for our technical help desk locations here.

In the most general form, the following formula can be used to determine your cost savings: Savings over time = (Costs associated with Lubricant A) – (Costs associated with Lubricant B). However, it is important to understand how to properly account for ALL of the costs of a lubricant. This article explains the primary factors to consider.

Opportunities to reduce your impact on the environment through lubrication selection or practices include:

  • Upgrade to a lubricant that provides extended lubricant life
  • Switch to a more energy efficient lubricant
  • Choose lubricants that can help minimize environmental impact
  • Get the most out of a used oil analysis program, like Mobil Serv™ Lubricant Analysis
  • Identify and fix leaks
  • Implement a lubricant recycling program
Consult your distributor for a more in-depth study and specific recommendations.

OEE is measured as a ratio of output at your plant as compared to optimal output. It is measured by using the following formula: Overall Equipment Effectiveness = Availability x Performance x Quality. Find out more here.

If not handled and stored properly, lubricating oils and greases can deteriorate or become contaminated. You can find a detailed explanation of indoor, outdoor and bulk storage recommendations here or contact your distributor for more information.

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