Shovel lubrication solutions

Tractor shovel close-up

This service is designed to optimize lubricant application and help enhance production through long equipment life and equipment reliability — which can help lower maintenance costs.

As a complement to routine inspections, our well-trained engineers conduct in-depth shovel optimization studies of central grease systems, open gears and key lubrication points, focusing on specific strategies to help improve production by extending equipment life.

We work with you to:

  • Schedule downtime for shovel inspection and optimization study
  • Identify and follow the safety requirements to perform the study
  • Prepare a report to document findings
  • Outline optimization strategies and associated potential savings
  • Leverage equipment expertise and OEM relationships for continuous improvement opportunities

Deliverable: The Engineering Service Report documents the lubrication study of the shovel equipment maintenance practices.

Common opportunity areas

  • History of premature shovel equipment failures
  • Improperly lubricated open gears and other critical lubrication points
  • Improperly maintained central grease system
  • Productivity undermined by equipment downtime
  • Over greasing or under greasing

Safety, health and environment
Our field engineers are attuned to the hazards of handling, storing and using petroleum products. They strictly observe safety and environmental rules, as well as ExxonMobil and customer safety practices. They coordinate efforts through designated plant personnel verifying electrical and mechanical lockout and proper tagging prior to working on equipment, and providing recommendations to help reduce hazards.