Leakage oil reclamation

equipment with leakage oil

Properly collecting, segregating and purifying leaked oil streams can help reduce lubricant and disposal costs while maintaining operational efficiency and boosting your plant’s productivity.


Immediately repairing or controlling lubricant leaks is impractical, but if the leaked oil stream is properly collected and segregated, you can restore it to a cleanliness level acceptable for continued use. Experienced field engineers provide expert on-site guidance in helping you collect, segregate and purify leaked oil.


Expert engineers will work with you to:

  • Identify areas of high lubricant usage for potential reclamation of leaked oil
  • Help implement proper leaked lubricant collection and segregation
  • Help develop specifications to ensure that reclaimed lubricant is suitable for further use
  • Coordinate arrangements with the on-site provider to:
    • Appropriately treat the leaked lubricant to the target quality and cleanliness level
    • Gather key baseline and other relevant data

Deliverable: An Engineering Service Report details the lubricant treatment steps completed, documents the quality and cleanliness level of the leaked lubricant stream prior to and after treatment, recommends steps to reduce or eliminate lubricant leakage during scheduled maintenance of the equipment and provides an estimated value of the service Distribute and present the completed report to plant management and key personnel.

Common Opportunity Areas

  • High oil usage
  • Other environmental concerns

Safety, health and environment

Field engineers are attuned to the hazards of handling, storing and using petroleum products. They strictly observe safety and environmental rules and ExxonMobil and customer safety practices. They coordinate efforts through designated plant personnel verifying electrical and mechanical lockout and proper tagging prior to working on equipment, and providing recommendations to help reduce hazards.

leakage oil process details
leakage oil reclamation infographic