Mobil SHC™ 600 synthetic circulating oils help paper mill extend oil drain intervals*

Extended drain intervals by


Mobil SHC  600

An Oregon-based paper mill was planning a rebuild of its recovery area precipitator, which included the installation of new Falk gearboxes. The units are required to run continuously, with few opportunities for maintenance during the year, so their operation is critical. In an effort to maintain production reliability, the company approached ExxonMobil engineers for a lubricant and maintenance recommendation capable of extending service intervals and reducing costs.

ExxonMobil engineers recommended Mobil SHC600 Series synthetic circulating oils, which offer application life as much as six times longer than mineral oils, yielding reduced maintenance, oil purchases and waste. In addition, the engineers recommended implementing a routine maintenance program to monitor gearbox temperature, vibration, and seal integrity, as well as oil condition and level.

After nine years in service, Mobil SHC 600 Series oils have helped the company exceed the OEM-recommended oil drain intervals by eight times, from 8,000-10,000 hours to more than 72,000 hours. This has helped to reduce maintenance personnel’s interaction with the equipment, eliminate the disposal of more than 550 gallons of used oil and generate a company-estimated savings of US $17,780 over the nine year period.

Advancing productivity
By helping you enhance equipment life and reliability – which reduces maintenance costs and downtime – our expert services can help you achieve your Safety, Environmental Care and productivity goals.

*This success story is based on the experience of a single customer. Actual results can vary depending upon the type of equipment used and its maintenance, operating conditions and environment, and any prior lubricant used.

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