Turbine commissioning solutions

turbine comissioning equipment

This crucial service helps protect your turbines at startup through procedures for selecting the right oil, filtration services and necessary flushing.


New equipment installations can introduce unwanted contamination into the lubricant circulation system and related piping. Left unchecked, particulate matter introduced during installation can initiate high levels of wear once the turbine is put into operation. To combat this, this turnkey service selects the right turbine oil for your application and prepares the turbine lubrication system and turbine oil for startup.


Expert engineers will work with you to:

  • Recommend the right lubricants for your turbine, as well as for other applications within the plant
  • Establish turbine oil cleanliness specifications consistent with Original Equipment Manufacturer recommendation
  • Identify initial fill steps to help ensure optimal performance
  • Coordinate flush oil and new lubricant delivery
  • Coordinate arrangements with the Integrated Lubrication Service (ILS) provider

Deliverable: An Engineering Service Report details lubricant treatment steps, cleanliness levels and baseline properties of the turbine oil. It also recommends steps to maintain lubricant system cleanliness and provides an estimated value of the service. Distribute and present the completed report to plant management and key personnel.

Common Opportunity Areas

  • New plant startups
  • Scheduled maintenance outages
  • ISO cleanliness levels
  • Coordination issues with multiple vendors

Safety, health and environment

Field engineers are attuned to the hazards of handling, storing and using petroleum products. They strictly observe safety and environmental rules and ExxonMobil and customer safety practices. They coordinate efforts through designated plant personnel verifying electrical and mechanical lockout and proper tagging prior to working on equipment, and providing recommendations to help reduce hazards.

turbine comissioning infographic