Varnish removal solutions

equipment going through varnish removal

This service is designed to help maximize productivity through enhanced equipment performance and life by identifying varnish or carbon buildup, establishing flush completion criteria and monitoring system improvements.


Expert engineers assess varnish and carbon buildup in the lubrication systems of your stationary engines, gas or steam turbines, paper machines and compressors and help you remove varnish, sludge, soot and other burned-oil residues.


Expert engineers will work with you to:

  • Develop flushing plans and timelines to meet outage, turnaround and production schedules
  • Establish successful flush completion criteria
  • Monitor system improvements due to service and document return on investment for plant management

Deliverable: The Engineering Service Report details the lubricant treatment steps completed and documents lubricant cleanliness level prior to and after treatment. The report also recommends steps to maintain system cleanliness and provides estimated value of the service to the operator. Distribute and present the completed report to plant management and key personnel.

Common Opportunity Areas

  • Restricted piping leading to reduced flow rates
  • Varnish/sludge buildup
  • ISO cleanliness outside of OEM specifications
  • Repetitive component failure attributed to lubricant contamination

Safety, health and environment

Field engineers are attuned to the hazards of handling, storing and using petroleum products. They strictly observe safety and environmental rules and ExxonMobil and customer safety practices. They coordinate efforts through designated plant personnel verifying electrical and mechanical lockout and proper tagging prior to working on equipment, and providing recommendations to help reduce hazards.

varnish removal infographic