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The brass tacks of grease upkeep

Protecting your truck starts with proper greasing. Watch the videos below for tips to help boost your uptime and minimize wear and tear.

Greasing 101

Keeping your truck properly greased is essential for maximizing uptime – from ensuring you’re using the correct amount of grease to inspecting for wear or damage along the way. Here’s a quick checklist of critical points to consider when regreasing your truck.

When to regrease

The rule of thumb is 15,000-20,000 miles between regreasing. When applying grease at those intervals, you also need to measure grease gun pressure, flow capacity, backpressure and unrestricted grease gun flow.

Greasing for extreme conditions

Extreme weather and road conditions can have a massive impact on the recommended OEM service interval for greasing your truck. Choose the right grease product, include the right thickness and tackiness, and clean all greasing points before reapplication to ensure that the drive shaft is constantly moving on the road.

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