Mobil SHC turbine oil developed in collaboration with GE.

Introducing Mobil SHC™ 918 EE

Developed in collaboration and co-branded with GE, Mobil SHC 918 EE is the first turbine oil to meet GE's new energy-efficient turbine oil specification, GEK 121603. For gas turbine operators, this means the potential to lower production costs without sacrificing performance and reliability.

  • lower production cost icon

    Less fuel consumption = Lower production costs

    Mobil SHC 918 EE provided an overall turbine efficiency improvement of .09% when compared to conventional ISO 32 viscosity grade turbine oils, which can help lower production costs.*

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    Heat reduction = Extended equipment life

    With a 15% improvement in bearing efficiency compared to conventional ISO 32 viscosity grade turbine oils, Mobil SHC 918 EE can help reduce operating temperatures and extend the life of critical GE gas turbine components.*

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    Keep-clean technology = Performance and reliability

    Keep-clean technology in combination with a high level of oxidation and thermal stability can help limit the occurrence of varnish formation, helping maintain performance and reliability.

Mobil SHC 918 EE can help lower cost versus conventional ISO VG 32 turbine oils.

Measuring turbine oil success

Mobil SHC 918 EE turbine oil is designed to provide energy efficiency benefits in certain GE gas turbine models. The energy-efficient performance of Mobil SHC 918 EE was measured in a GE-designed bearing rig, test stand and global field demonstrations. The energy efficiency is achieved through lower viscometrics and proprietary additive technology.

GE gas turbines operate at high power output that can thermally stress a lubricant, resulting in filter plugging and valve sticking, shorter oil life and reduced reliability. Through the extensive testing of Mobil SHC 918 EE, GE engineers confirmed proper bearing lubrication, maintaining strong reliability.

Features and Benefits

Mobil™-branded products have been the choice for turbine operators worldwide for more than one hundred years. During that period, our company's scientists have maintained the strongest ties with turbine equipment builders like GE to ensure that the needs of new turbine designs are met or exceeded by our lubricants. In partnership with GE, this product was developed to help customers achieve their reliability goals and improve energy efficiency of operator's GE gas turbines.

Features Advantages and Potential Benefits
Gas turbine efficiency Reduces energy consumption and the cost to produce power
Reduces varnish formation potential Increases reliable turbine operation and helps reduce maintenance of hydraulic and hydrogen seal system components
Excellent thermal/oxidation stability Extends oil life and reduces downtime, leading to more cost-effective, reliable operation


  • 7FA and 6FA.01 gas turbines manufactured by GE

GE is a trademark of General Electric Company used under trademark license to ExxonMobil.
*The energy efficiency of Mobil SHC 918 EE relates solely to the fluid performance when compared to conventional ISO 32 VG turbine oils. Mobil SHC 918 EE improved turbine overall efficiency by approximately .09% due to a 15% reduction in bearing frictional energy losses when compared to a conventional ISO VG 32 turbine oil in GE-designed bearing rig, test stand and global field demonstrations.
Actual results can vary depending upon the type of equipment used and its maintenance, operating conditions and environment, and any prior lubricant used.