Mobil Vaprotec Light

Rust-Inhibiting Circulation Oil

Mobil Vaprotec Light is an ISO Viscosity Grade 32, turbine-quality circulation oil containing anti-oxidants and defoamants. It is enhanced with a three-phase rust inhibitor to protect surfaces lightly coated with oil; a liquid phase inhibitor to protect surfaces submerged in oil; and vapor space inhibitors to protect surfaces exposed to oil vapors.

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  • Equipment benefits from rust preventives
    Equipment preservation procedures using Mobil™ rust preventives | Mobil™

    Rust is a specific type of corrosion that occurs on iron and steel surfaces when both water and oxygen are present. Since there is generally always moisture in the air, and dissolved air in water, the catalysts for rust creation are nearly always present. Unfortunately, rusting equipment costs industry billions of dollars every year and creates safety hazards for employees. In this article, see how implementing a rust prevention program can help your operation minimize downtime, optimize production, control maintenance costs and promote long equipment life.

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Features and Benefits

  • Wide-temperature-range rust protection for steel surfaces in the vapor (air) spaces which do not come into contact with the oil
  • Rust protection for metal surfaces where the oil has drained off, leaving only a thin film
  • Rust protection for surfaces which are submerged in the oil
  • Good corrosion protection for nonferrous metals
  • Demulsibility equivalent to that of a normal turbine oil
  • Superior oxidation stability
  • Wide range of application


Mobil Vaprotec Light is recommended for all applications requiring an ISO Viscosity Grade 32, turbine-quality oil with additional rust protection properties. Operation of systems with oil temperatures above 120°F will deplete the vapor phase inhibitors.

Typical Properties

Mobil Vaprotec Light
Product Number 60031-2
Specific Gravity 0.875
Color, ASTM D 1500 1.5
Pour Point, °C (°F) -7 (20)
Flash Point, ASTM D 92, °C (°F), min 193 (380)
cSt at 40°C 30
cSt at 100°C 5.3
Viscosity Index 95
TAN, ASTM D 664 0.4
Demulsibility, ASTM D 1401, ml after 30 min 0
Rust Protection, ASTM D 665
Distilled Water Pass
Synthetic Sea Water Pass


Health and Safety

Health and Safety recommendations for this product can be found on the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) @