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Episode 3 – Looking for the right signs in your used oil analysis results

Used oil analysis is a critical tool for understanding lubricant and equipment performance. In this episode, our experts explore the value of preventive and predictive maintenance, the insights oil analysis can provide and how to best evaluate and take action on these insights to ensure equipment reliability.


  • Why used oil analysis is important
  • What to look for in evaluating test results
  • How to apply the data to boost equipment productivity

Ken Bannister, Asset Management Consultant and Lubrication Expert; Contributor, Efficient Plant magazine
Geoff Foulk, Mobil Serv℠ Lubrication Engineer

Michelle Segrest, Journalist, Efficient Plant magazine

  • ken bannister headshot

    Ken Bannister is a UK technical apprenticed and accredited mechanical design engineer with numerous engineering design patents to his credit. A frequent contributor for Efficient Plant magazine, he is one of few who holds expertise and accreditation in tribology and lubrication failure management.

  • Geoff Foulk Lubrication Engineer

    Geoff Foulk is a Chicago-based Mobil ServSM lubrication engineer. He is responsible for key customer engineering support for Mobil™ Commercial Lubricants throughout Illinois and Iowa. Geoff was born and raised in New Jersey and on the side enjoys sailing, reading and all things music.

  • michelle segrest headshot

    Michelle Segrest is an award-winning journalist who has experienced the manufacturing industry up close and personal. As a reporter for Efficient Plant magazine and national keynote speaker, she’s dedicated to sharing stories, trends and tips to navigate any and every plant.

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