Mobil 1™ motor oil protects in cold weather

Driving in subzero temperatures
Join adventure driver Scott Brady on the ultimate test: a month-long, 9320-mile/15,000 km journey from Arizona through Alaska to the Arctic Circle. Engine breakdown was not an option in these extreme temperatures. Join the road trip!

How Mobil 1 motor oil performs and protects your engine in cold climates
Your engine is vulnerable at startup. That’s when it really needs the oil to keep flowing. Cold weather can cause motor oil to flow either too slowly, or not at all. And that can take a toll on your engine. That’s why choosing the right motor oil can make a big difference.

Mobil 1 synthetic motor oil flows at temperatures as low as -40 degrees Fahrenheit, so your car gets the oil it needs immediately at startup.

pour points graph

As shown in the graph, Mobil 1™ 5W-30 motor oil outperforms the conventional and the synthetic oil that were tested with respect to the lowest pour point.

The advanced technology of Mobil 1 motor oil combines proprietary base stocks with a balanced additive system to provide protection in four dimensions – cold, heat, wear and sludge.

Cold-weather performance
Watch two tests conducted by the Mobil 1 Research Team in subzero temperatures, demonstrating the importance of using an advanced full synthetic engine oil, such as Mobil 1, during cold-weather startups. You’ll be amazed.