Mobil 1™ performance

Mobil 1 performance hero

We develop and test Mobil 1™ motor oils so your car or truck’s engine is up for the rigors of daily driving and the variables that come with it – heat, cold, traffic jams and distance driving, to name a few. Regardless of whether your vehicle is new or a long-standing family member, the motor oil that goes in the engine matters.

Mobil 1 performance means powerful protection against engine wear, outstanding cold weather startup, high-temperature performance and superb engine cleanliness. Here we share just some of the testing performed on Mobil 1 motor oils and the conditions to which test vehicles are subjected.

Why use synthetic motor oil

  • Mobil 1 Sythnetic vs. conventional motor oil

    Synthetic or conventional?

    Synthetic and conventional motor oils provide different levels of protection. Maybe you can’t tell the difference. But your engine can.

  • Add the trademark to Mobil 1

    Engine protection for 250,000 miles

    Get the whole story on synthetics – straight from drivers who have relied on them for hundreds of thousands of miles.

High mileage and Truck & SUV oil tests

  • Honda POP engine

    Extended drain motor oil test in used car

    We unleashed our most powerful high mileage protection in a used car. See the test results of Mobil 1™ Extended Performance High Mileage motor oil.

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Hot and cold weather testing

  • Running in high temperatures

    See how Mobil 1™ formulation resists oil deposit formations – even in severe-service, high-temperature tests.

  • Cars driving on snow covered roads for winter driving safety tips

    Cold weather protection

    See how Mobil 1™ motor oil performs and protects in subzero temperatures during a road trip to the Arctic Circle.

Wear protection, severe service and sludge protection

  • Mobil 1™ oil protects turbocharger engines in high temperatures

    Reducing wear

    Find out why Mobil 1™ oils offer outstanding wear protection, as seen in real-world testing in extreme conditions.

  • Meeting or exceeding industry specifications

    Learn how tests show Mobil 1™ oils meet or exceed tough industry specs: API, ACEA, and ILSAC GF-5, among others.

  • Engine after one oil change with Mobil 1™ oil

    Keeping engines clean

    We continuously test Mobil 1 motors oils on various engine protection metrics such as cleanliness or the ability to resist sludge formation.

  • Mobil 1 racing

    Tested on the track

    See how many preeminent race teams competing in the most demanding and popular motorsports series around the globe contribute to the testing of Mobil 1 lubricant technology,

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  • Tested by drivers like you

    Hear from drivers who rely on Mobil 1 motor oils to protect their engines for 250,000 miles and longer.

  • No reformulation needed in order for Mobil 1™ oils to meet API SN Plus standard

    Mobil 1™ for modern engines

    Mobil 1™ advanced motor oils are formulated to protect with proven performance today’s modern engines including those with turbochargers and start-stop system technology.