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Why your choice in wind turbine grease matters

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Wind turbines often need to perform in extreme conditions

Heavy and varying loads

Operating conditions can lead to heavy and varying loads, which can cause equipment fatigue.

Extreme temperatures

Operating temperatures can swing between 120°C and -50°C.

Strong winds

Wind turbines are engineered to withstand winds of up to 100 mph.

You need the right grease to protect your equipment

Grease protects 4 critical components in a turbine – the main shaft, yaw, pitch and generator bearings.

These bearings are the largest industrial bearings used today, so proper lubrication is a must.

Up to 70 percent of generator failures – a leading cause of unplanned downtime – are caused by bearing failure. *

The grease must travel through 250 feet** of grease lines, so you need a product that can maintain its fluidity even in freezing temperatures.

Choose wisely – because not all greases are the same

When you’re facing extreme conditions, you need the very best. For example, preventing failure of the main shaft bearing can save you:

Up to $45,000 in repairs***

Many months of downtime

Don’t settle for a conventional lubricant. Use an advanced synthetic grease formulated to protect your equipment from extreme conditions and keep it running at full throttle.

*UL International (DEWI’s Wind Insider publication, Nov. 2014).mobi

**Estimate based on average size of modern wind turbines.

***Timken, Increasing bearing reliability in main shaft support system.

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