Our Mobil SHC Pegasus™ Series gas engine oils provide maximum protection for high-output, low-emission four-cycle gas engines while also helping to increase fuel efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions. They are formulated for heavily loaded valve train components, pistons, liners, bearings and gear trains.

Proven to increase efficiency up to 1.5 percent*, these lubricants can also:

  • Reduce the formation of carbon and varnish deposits
  • Minimize oil consumption
  • Maintain engine cleanliness during extended drain intervals
  • Lower operating and maintenance costs
  • gauge

    Formulated to potentially help limit fuel consumption

  • gears

    Promotes engine efficiency and reliability by helping control deposits in combustion chamber and piston ring zone

  • fuel efficiency

    Up to 1.5% increase in fuel efficiency compared to standard natural gas engine oils*

  • runtime

    Helps maximize engine availability through long drain intervals — more than 50,000 hours documented

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Our Mobil Serv℠ Product Selector tool will help you identify lubricant(s) for your specific equipment.

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